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Appraising your property

We will give you an honest appraisal of your property was its current condition and if necessary recommend what you would have to do to bring it up to a standard required by legislation.


Assessing your Market rent

We know what the market rent rates are and will help you get the best quality long term tenant that returns the best investment for you.

We will review the rent on your investment every six months to ensure that it keeps pace with market changes.


Advertising and Marketing your property

Using a variety of strategies to ensure your property is seen by as many perspective as possible, Spectrum Rentals promotes your property on industry leading real estate websites, Trade Me and realestate.co.nz and, of course, Spectrum Rentals.

Advertising in local suburban and national newspapers (if requested).

We have signage available, talk to us about options.


Selecting tenants

Getting this right is THE most critical factor in ensuring the ongoing success of your rental property.

Spectrum Rentals uses a robust application/ tenant selection process which captures information from reference and credit checks.

A thorough tenancy agreement is completed including clauses to protect your investment.

Spectrum Rentals collects four weeks bond held in security by Tenancy Services until the completion of the tenancy.


Managing your tenants:

  • Receiving and receipting of rent.  All money less your investment with us will be paid to you fortnightly on a Tuesday.
  • Initial inspection: a detailed ingoing inspection report complete with photos is completed when the tenancy begins.
  • Ongoing property Inspections are carried out within 4-6 weeks of the tenant moving in and then every 3-4 months depending on the outcome of the previous inspection.
  • Lease renewals: when your tenant wants to renew their lease we will negotiate the new terms (rent increase or length of lease) and arrange the documentation to effect the changes.
  • Arrears management:  Zero tolerance rent arrears policy.  Please note that we have sophisticated systems in place to minimise arrears  including, SMS, phone, email and letter based reminders.  We also have an alliance with a leading tenancy debt collecting service. Spectrum Rentals starts the rent arrears process from as early as the tenant being one day late with their payment.  We will represent you at Tenancy Tribunal if required.
  • Disputes and Mediation:   Sadly differences and disputes do sometimes occur with tenants.  These disputes occasionally result in mediation or an application to the Tenancy Tribunal.  We can look after this area on your behalf.  If an eviction is necessary we can also deal with this.


Financial statements

Spectrum Rentals provide monthly statements that detail your income and expenses for the month.  Copies of maintenance invoices will be sent with this statement.

At the end of the financial year we provide you with a detailed income and expense report for your property.



We pride ourselves on keeping you well informed with all facets of your property and tenancy and will communicate with you promptly in relation to any issues relating to the property.

We deal with tenants in a fair manner and establish strong relationships with them which in turn minimizes potential arrears, disputes and other issues.


Changing over to Spectrum Rentals

If you would like to change from your existing manager to Spectrum Rentals, all you need to do is complete the Spectrum Rentals Management Authority and we’ll do the rest from there.

We will make sure the transition is easy and make a time to meet the tenants, introduce ourselves and complete a full inspection of the property.

Download a change of authority form here