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How we work with you

At Spectrum rentals we want our tenants to be happy and feel considered and respected in all of our dealings with you.
We value our tenants and our agents pride themselves on our  efficient and proactive service. If you rent a property through Spectrum Rentals you can be assured that you will receive a professional property management service. Your property manager will always be available to contact if you have any problems with your tenancy or rental property.


We guarantee our tenants that:

  1. All your personal information will be kept secure
  2. We will always respect your privacy
  3. Any maintenance requests will be communicated to owners ASAP
  4. You will be notified in writing in advance of all inspections  we respect your right to the quiet enjoyment of your property
  5. Bond inspections and refunds will be completed ASAP upon the expiry of tenancies!


Once you have finished a tenancy your property manager will be able to provide a verbal reference to future landlords to assist you with securing future accommodation.
We look forward to working with you  and providing a friendly, hassle free service.