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Spectrum Rentals do not charge maintenance fees.

You can trust the decisions and advice of the Spectrum Rentals team – if something is urgent we will address it, and with our trusted team of maintenance contractors if something should be considered for repair they identify it.

We know it can be daunting to hear your tenants have a plumbing issue or electrical fault that needs an urgent and often expensive call out. That is why we have the relationships with a great team of contractors to help with our rental repairs. We vet all of our contract support companies for speed, efficiency and reasonable and fair cost pricing. We don’t add any mark up to their costs and we make sure any work quoted is the right and necessary solution before going ahead.

What Spectrum Rentals does

  1. Is the damage or problem caused by the tenant or is it an ongoing maintenance and wear and tear issue? We make sure we assess the cause of the problem so we can make the right decision about who needs to pay for repairs.
  2. Is the work quoted the best solution or is it time to upgrade and do a major repair? We will work with you to resolve any major issue.